Technical Service Offerings

West Virginia HIT Solutions, LLC is a technology solutions firm that specializes in providing the state’s health care industry with a full range of health information technology services.  WVHIT Solutions has experience working with small, private practices, FQHCs, rural clinics and small hospitals.

Among the hardware/software technical solutions that are available are:

  • Software selection, training and support
  • Hardware services (selection, lease, purchase, support, repair, etc.)
  • Cabling, wiring
  • Networking configuration and support
  • Network security services, penetration/security testing
  • Wireless devices and infrastructure
  • Digital document solutions (scanning and archiving of paper records)

The WVHIT Solutions also can provide a “help desk” solution and be your HIT partner…the place to call first for all of your technology questions.

Specialized HIT Services:

WVHIT Solutions can help a practice or clinic define and determine its HIT needs by completing a comprehensive HIT infrastructure analysis and strategic plan.  This plan identifies deficiencies, gaps and vulnerabilities and provides a recommended plan of action that is customized to the practice’s technology infrastructure goals, objectives and budget.

WVHITSolutions also can assess the current state of resources within a health practice to support electronic health record (EHR) implementation (or conversion) and provide the practice with a high-level assessment report of technical, workforce, and facility readiness. This report will prepare the practice for key steps in the implementation of EHRs.

WVHIT Solutions is experienced in working with providers in the selection an EHR vendor (hosted service or in-house application) by documenting practice requirements for product evaluation and matching a provider’s needs to a certified EHR software and integrated practice management system (if needed).  WVHIT Solutions also can coordinate product demos, provide general support and guidelines to the practice, assist with contract review and advise on negotiations.

Following the selection of an EHR vendor, WVHIT Solutions can provide the full-range of necessary services to ensure a successful implementation:

  • Project management planning and support
  • Consultation on hardware, software, wiring/wireless and other equipment needs
  • Consultation regarding data conversation and interface issues
  • Guidance on data extraction, report generation and MU reporting
  • Development of a common dashboard
  • Customized templates or reports -- if the practice decides to develop additional customized templates or reports for its EHR, WVHIT Solutions can provide consultative input, configuration, and customization according to specifications
  • Assist with ad hoc reporting
  • Develop additional interfaces to connect to labs, hospitals.

In addition, WVHIT Solutions can aid a practice in needs related to EHR data conversion projects. If a practice decides to convert data from one EHR system to another, then our team can provide high level guidelines and act as an intermediary between the EHR vendors (or other entities) to capture and migrate health data.

Having worked on a wide range of successful EHR implementations, WVHIT Solutions is well prepared to assist providers and organizations in analyzing pre and postEHR workflow redesign, which is critical to ensure in identifying and transitioning paperbased processes to technologyenabled processes. Our team also provides training and guidance on internal communication and coordination issues and uses rapid cycle feedback to design continuous quality improvement activities. 

Another critical area where WVHIT Solutions has extensive experience is in the area of privacy and security of digital data.  Our team can provide information and guidance in understanding and adhering to guidelines and laws (federal, state) pertaining to privacy and security of electronic health records and data.  WVHIT Solutions also can provide consultation on requirements and expectations pertaining to protected health information under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and related regulations.

Other privacy & security services that can be provided are:

  • P&S system evaluation, assessment and review
  • Technical assistance regarding the implementation and maintenance of physical and network security
  • Designing user-based access controls
  • Planning for disaster recovery
  • Developing encryption and backup media storage procedures
  • Network security assessments
  • Consulting on human resources training and policies

WVHITSolutions has first-hand working experience and an intimate knowledge in connecting to West Virginia's health information exchange (HIE) and its necessary interfaces.  This is a key component for practices that want to meet meaningful use Stage 1 and 2 criteria. WVHIT Solutions can consult and advise the practice to support the necessary interfaces between EHR vendor, lab, pharmacies, hospitals, and other data exchange partners to ensure achievement of meaningful use Stage 1 and 2 requirements. The firm also can offer consultation on the development of internal policies & procedures around HIE connectivity.

Other Services (Meaningful Use, PCMH):

As a subsidiary entity of the W.Va. Health Improvement Institute, WVHIT Solutions has a direct connection and close working relationship with HIT clinical and meaningful use specialists who can provide added solutions in the areas of achieving meaning use and obtaining patient-centered medical home certification.

Conduct an analysis of the practices’ ability to achieve meaningful use criteria, consult and document elective measures and/or exclusions for each provider, and develop plan to address any deficiencies noted; provide written report of actionable items to practice to achieve successful attestation reporting.

Assist practices in collecting data appropriately so that meaningful use measures are accurate and reportable for the practice; coordinate with the practice to produce the required evidence and attestations to CMS demonstrating meaningful use.

Having worked with nearly 1,000 providers on achievement of Stage 1 meaningful use and a wide range of successful EHR implementations, WVHIT is well prepared to assist providers and organizations in analyzing, understanding and meeting new meaningful use requirements (portals, PHRs, patient engagement, etc.) as part of Stage 2. Our staff also can assist with workflow redesign studies and changes...and with the design of continuous quality improvement activities. 

Assist practices to generate
an adoption plan specific to the practice’s needs and highlights key transformation areas to obtain NCQA PCMH recognition.  WVHIT can also consult and map the NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home elements allowing the practice to identify and mitigate outstanding elements and assist practices to move through the process of PCMH transformation in a standardized and consistent manner.  This assessment process engages key personnel and initiates the transformation process within the practice to shape the pathway to recognition and transformation, reduce confusion, and prioritize areas of improvement.

Emerging HIT Services:

WVHIT Solutions also is available to provide consultation and services related to emerging HIT matters such as ICD-10, 5010, etc.

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